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  • 注册帮助: Need help with course registration? We're here to guide you through the process. 
  • 取消:了解更多关于我们的 取消政策. Cancelations can be completed online through your PD Hub account. If you need additional assistance, please contact pdhub@86523.net to cancel a course registration.
  • 收据: For payment 收据, reach out to pdhub@86523.net
  • SCECHs调查:关于SCECHs的问题? 请查看 SCECH资讯网页 or contact our SCECH coordinator at SCECH@86523.net
  • 社会工作CEC查询: 关于sw - cec的问题? 请查看 SW-CEC信息网页 or contact our SW-CEC coordinator at lorimatthews@86523.net
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作为PD Hub的主管, I am responsible for ensuring that your experience with us is smooth and exceptional. I lead the coordination of workshops and oversee everything from the initial setup to the course completion. Whether you need help with enrollment, 成绩单, 收据, 发票, 退款, or have any special requests, 我是你的帮手. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me anytime. I am here to make your experience with us a true reflection of "We Lead Learning" and our commitment to excellence, 的关系, 股本, 和创新. Let's work together to make your PD Hub experience enriching and seamless.


直接Ph: 616-301-8847

作为T/L协调员, I'm your dedicated guide to unlocking the world of professional 学习 at the PD Hub. If you're exploring new educational 机会, have questions about a specific course, need a hand with registration, or seek assistance with payment 收据, 我是你的资源. Rooted in uedbet官网ISD's commitment to "We Lead Learning" and our core values of excellence, 的关系, 股本, 和创新, I'm here to make your professional 学习 journey uniquely yours. Feel free to connect with me for any inquiries—I'm committed to ensuring your experience with us is both seamless and impactful.

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AMANDA WALMA, CDMP, PCM, T/L Marketing Specialist
直接Ph: 616-365-2275 

I am responsible for connecting educators with valuable professional development 机会 and curating insightful content for "《ued西甲赫塔菲官网》" blog, featured in our bi-monthly newsletters. Our commitment to "We Lead Learning" is reflected in the blog's focus on excellence, 的关系, 股本, 和创新. To stay updated on the latest developments, please follow us on our social media accounts: 脸谱网, Instagram, 推特, YouTube. Take advantage of enriching 学习 experiences - 订阅我们的时事通讯 加入我们的社交媒体吧.

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1. If a participant's local district is closed, but uedbet官网ISD Educational Service Center is open, the course(s) will still be held, 退款 will not be issued.

2. Unless otherwise notified by uedbet官网ISD via email, virtual courses will proceed as planned.

3. If uedbet官网ISD Educational Service Center is closed, all in-person course(s) are canceled. Verify building closings: 616-365-2234